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A.P. Moller – Maersk (Maersk), as a leader in integrated container logistics, physically connects global trade networks and simplifies trade to help its customers grow and thrive. With over 95,000 staff members operating in 130 countries, Maersk is dedicated to ensuring connectivity and smooth flow of international commerce for businesses worldwide.

Altana, the world’s first Value Chain Management System, is redefining supply chain and border management with unparalleled visibility, AI-driven decision support, and collaborative workflows for building compliant, sustainable, secure, and resilient global value chain networks. Altana is built on a unique federated data and AI architecture, creating a global network of supply chain intelligence across the public and private sectors.

The two companies joined their efforts to create Maersk Atlas powered by Altana. It is a groundbreaking collaboration that is revolutionizing global commerce. Together, Maersk and Altana are merging physical and virtual value chain stakeholder connectivity and execution to enable the trading community and customs authorities alike to master global value chains and collaborate across a shared source of truth.

For importers and customs authorities alike, the Maersk Atlas powered by Altana represents a new paradigm for compliance, sustainability, security, and trade facilitation, going all the way to truly master global value chains.

Nuctech Company Limited (Nuctech), derived from Tsinghua University and founded in 1997, is an advanced security & inspection solution supplier in the world. Relying on independent innovation and following the customers’ demands, Nuctech provides the most advanced technology, superb products and integrated solutions in the security inspection industry to our customers from over 170 countries and regions in the globe.

Covering Civil Aviation, Customs, Railway, Highway, Urban Rail Transit, Postal Logistics, Public Security and Justice, Environmental Protection, Nuclear Power, Irradiation and Quality Testing, Metallurgy, Finance and Big Events and other areas, Nuctech helps our customers in keeping the homeland security and people safe, which earns user’s great reputation around the world. Currently, Nuctech has become an internationally famous brand in the security & inspection industry.

As a responsible Chinese high-tech enterprise, Nuctech focuses on the security domain and devotes itself to becoming the leader in the global security market. Enhancing the customers’ value with ever ongoing innovation, feeding back the society by providing more advanced security products, solutions and service, we are committed to delivering security to help creating a safer world.

Publican, a leading AI solution by Ultra Information Solutions, revolutionizes customs inspections with its cutting-edge Digital Vetting Technology. By digitally inspecting 100% of shipments and leveraging unique data from thousands of global sources, Publican accurately detects dangerous goods, combats fraud, and ensures compliance. Our technology provides customs authorities with unparalleled insight and control, enhancing public safety, protecting national security and facilitating a trade environment.

Publican's tailor-made solutions empower customs administrations to prevent tariff evasions and increase state revenues. The system flags subtle irregularities pointing to instances of fraud or misdeclaration and calculates the exact potential revenue to be gained.

Publican ensures no goods go unaccounted for, enhancing state revenues while facilitating trade and reducing import costs.

Rapiscan Systems | AS&E, part of the OSI Systems family of security companies, is an industry leader in X-ray inspection, optical inspection, and radiation detection technology. Our mission is to help customers at ports, borders, military, high-threat facilities, and checkpoints around the world to combat trade fraud, terrorism, drug smuggling, and illegal immigration.  

Our broad array of scanning systems leverages low-, medium-, and high-energy X-ray imaging technology—or multiple imaging technologies—to help find threats and contraband with ease and confidence. Advanced radiation detection technology accurately detects, identifies, and locates gamma and/or neutron sources without disrupting the flow of vehicles, people, or commerce. Intelligent optical vehicle inspection and recognition technologies assist with facial detection, recognition, license plate decoding, vehicle classification, and undercarriage foreign object detection.

Customers can further enhance inspection capabilities and operational efficiencies with our analyst assist tools and data integration platform. With this technology, information can be collected and combined from multiple sources in the inspection operation to automate manual processes, control workflows, and deliver targeted, actionable intelligence.

Our uncompromising commitment to excellence in system performance, quality, program management, and service ensures our end-to-end screening solutions consistently deliver best-in-class imaging, throughput, reliability, and operator satisfaction.