908 Devices Inc. is revolutionizing chemical analysis with its simple handheld and desktop devices, addressing life-altering applications. The Company’s devices are used at the point-of-need to interrogate unknown and invisible materials and provide quick, actionable answers to directly address some of the most critical problems in bioprocessing, pharma/biopharma, forensics, life sciences research and adjacent markets. For more information, visit www.908devices.com.

908 Devices Product Portfolio

A multi-mission handheld mass spectrometer utilized by elite responders conducting chemical, explosive, priority drug and HazMat operations around the world.


Handheld FTIR device that accurately detects, identifies and quantifies thousands of unknown gases and vapors in seconds.


Handheld FTIR device for accurate chemical identification of bulk solids and liquids.


Portable FTIR chemical threat identification of bulk solids, liquids and gases/vapors, even in complex mixtures.

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CLS, a subsidiary of CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales, the French Space Agency) (34%) and CNP (66%), is an international company that has been a pioneer in providing Earth observation and monitoring solutions since 1986.

Its vision is to design and deploy innovative solutions to understand, protect and sustainably manage our planet's resources.

CLS employs 900 people at its headquarters in Toulouse and at 30 other sites around the world.

The company operates in 5 strategic business areas:

- sustainable fisheries management,

- environmental monitoring & climate,

- maritime safety,

- fleet management,

- energies & infrastructures.

The company provides satellite services based on location and environmental data collection (100,000 beacons are processed each month, drifting buoys, beacons equipping animals, fishing fleets or commercial fleets…), observation of oceans and continental waters (more than 20 instruments on board satellites provide CLS with daily information on the world's seas and oceans), and monitoring of land and maritime activities (nearly 20,000 radar and optical images are processed and analyzed each year).

All-in-one answers for maritime domain awareness:

Advanced maritime intelligence technologies to enable demanding decisions for both public and private industries. The best of data coupled with AI and the expertise of satellite Earth Observation.

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Decision Sciences International Corporation (Decision Sciences or DSIC), a provider of advanced security and contraband detection systems, has its headquarters and an R&D center in Poway, California with offices in Virginia. Decision Sciences brings together cutting-edge science, hardware, and software development, AI algorithms alongside systems integration and manufacturing to improve the safety and security of the global community. Based on revolutionary and disruptive technology originally invented by physicists at the U.S. Department of Energy Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Discovery® System was subsequently developed with considerable private sector investment and expertise. This groundbreaking Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) capability based on unique Charged Particle (Muon) Tomography technology, already capable of detecting contraband and anomalies such as drugs, weapons, chemicals, unshielded and shielded radiological and nuclear materials, even inside bulk truck cargoes and containers, penetrating cover loads such as produce, ice and water, salts, gravel and aggregate, steel and lead. DSIC’s passive Discovery® system does not generate any harmful radiation as does the likes of x-ray, and is intrinsically safe for the user, the cargo, and any human beings that may be hidden in the cargo. This SAFE, and effective, scanning system is used for quickly detecting, locating, and identifying explosives and other contraband including unshielded to heavily shielded radiological and nuclear threats, weapons, alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, drugs/narcotics, precious metals, smuggled humans and numerous other items of interest and anomalies. The core Muon tomography technology inherent in the Discovery® system also has wide ranging applications beyond the security arena, including in the medical, mining, energy and manufacturing industries and can facilitate the efficient, effective collection and aggregation of significant amounts of previously unavailable data in these areas. Discovery® inherently uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the latest Machine Learning (ML) to produce a revolutionary and 3-dimensional image and is capable of scanning dense cargoes that x-ray systems simply cannot penetrate.

For more information on Decision Sciences and its products and unique enabling technology, visit: www.DecisionSciences.com  or email: info@decisionsciencescorp.com

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The National Federation of Customs Brokers was created on April 21, 1953 with the aim of bringing together and representing the economic category of Customs Brokers throughout the national territory, represented by 11 affiliated Unions nationwide.

One of its duties is to defend the rights and interests of the category, with representation to reconcile differences and conflicts, as well as promote solidarity and unity among the entire professional class; defend the principles of freedom to exercise the profession, fairness in competition and ethics in the exercise of professional activity, as well as act and represent the logistics, intralogistics, technology, cargo transport and foreign trade sectors.

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Founded in 2016, Logcomex develops technology solutions and offers a platform that assists companies in planning, monitoring, and automating the global supply chain. As the largest foreign trade startup in Brazil, it has approximately 300 employees and is present in over 11 countries across five continents.

The company provides solutions such as real-time visibility, efficiency in end-to-end operation management, and strategic information for businesses engaged in foreign trade.

In the rapidly expanding global economy, multinational companies have the opportunity to reduce international customs and trade compliance costs by accelerating the movement of goods to achieve both short-term and long-term competitive advantages. However, the appropriate Global Trade Management (GTM) software must be in place and fully integrated with a company’s overall IT infrastructure (e.g. ERP Host System) and its customs and trade compliance business processes in order to increase efficiency, ensure transparency, minimize compliance risk, and save on costs.

MIC is the worldwide leading provider of global customs and trade compliance software solutions. More than 800 customers, in 55+ countries, on six continents, use MIC customs and trade compliance software. We specialize in the integration of global customs and trade compliance systems based on specific corporate structures and consider regional and national legal requirements. We ensure efficient customs operations and compliance within the legal frameworks. 1 GTM Source System with 1 GTM Compliance Database, 1 Graphical User Interface, and 1 consistent Service Organisation worldwide - delivered as SaaS (Cloud) solutions.

Smiths Detection is a global authority on the application, management and manufacture of world class detection and screening technology for the aviation, ports and borders, urban security, and defence end use markets. Every minute of every day, our threat detection and security screening technology help to protect people and infrastructure, making the world a safer place.

We deliver the solutions needed to protect society from the threat and illegal passage of explosives, prohibitive weapons, contraband, biological threats, toxic chemicals, and narcotics. Renowned for delivering best in class expertise, equipment and support, Smiths Detection is relied upon by customers from multiple sectors to help them make the world a safer and more secure place.

With over 70 years’ experience, our mission is to use technology to develop innovative solutions and services which protect life, safeguard society, and uphold the free flow of trade. Our goal is simple – to provide the security, peace of mind and freedom of movement upon which the world depends.

Symetrica stands at the forefront as a global expert in operational security threat detection and identification. With offices and manufacturing sites in Southampton, UK and Westford (MA) in the US, we specialize in offering real-world security solutions for everyday challenges.

Our diverse product range spans radiation detection handheld devices, backpacks, mobile units, static and modular portals, and our cutting-edge Discovery software; a device-agnostic solution seamlessly integrating with any security threat detection asset, providing users with a centralized view of events through a simple-to-use interface.

Our Discovery Technology®️ showcases over 22 years of extensive detection knowledge expertly built into user-friendly solutions. So, where will you find our technology?

Borders, ports, airports, and cities offering worldwide homeland security.

Military security contracts, ensuring robust defense mechanisms.

Integration with devices from other vendors, providing a centric view to enhance fast decision-making.

Traxens turns containers smart, providing a valuable influx of data for shipping lines, cargo owners and customs. Our container trackers, permanently or temporarily attached to the container door, consist of sensors that collect data along the entire shipment (door-to-door) and transmit it in real time to a software platform. The data includes geolocation, geofencing, cargo transport conditions (temperature, humidity) and container breach detection. Door openings detected in abnormal zones or times trigger real-time alerts, with associated time stamp and geolocation, to identify possible contamination and act quickly when it occurs. Email notifications and a shipment investigation platform allow your team to manage these alerts and find valuable evidence in the container’s journey. This solution has proven to be very effective in monitoring container security, especially in the customs context, enabling seizures in both origin and destination countries.

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SINCE 2006: In 2006, Customs UNI-PASS International Agency (CUPIA) took its first step as a nonprofit foundation. Since then, it has been operating and maintaining Korea Customs’ UNI-PASS electronic customs clearance system and has been at the forefront of overseas expansion.

PUBLIC INTEREST: CUPIA, which is an affiliated organization of Korea Customs Service, was born with the purpose of serving the public interest. Since 2010, CUPIA has been designated as the official operator of UNI-PASS and is doing its best to ensure that Korea's trade logistics are processed quickly and safely without interruption.

PIONEER: Based on the technological know-how of developing, operating, and maintaining UNI-PASS since 2008, we have achieved overseas development projects for customs administration systems worth up to 250 million USD in 10 countries. As of now, CUPIA has grown to become a specialized company providing customs administration modernization services to 39 countries.

TOTAL SOLUTION: CUPIA provides a comprehensive customs administration solution for overseas customs, including system deployment across all areas such as electronic customs clearance, single window, and risk management, as well as consulting and maintenance services. In addition, we actively conduct research on new technologies to prepare for the future.

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